What Explorer Hostel offers you

Our hostel proposes rooms and apartments adjusted to the quantity of explorers teams. Our guests can choose single, double, triple, four bedded and even five bedded rooms. According to your economic preferences or people number in a team, you can pick a room provided with a separate bathroom or one shared bathroom for two rooms. As an alternative you can also find in our offer apartments for two or three people with a bathroom.



Relax after a long day

A good, deep sleep is absolutely necessary to regenerate your body after an eventful day or long, fizzy night. You can decide, our dear guest, if you want single bed, double bed or double decker bed. All of them have high quality mattresses containing bonell type springs, with a smooth, hypoallergenic textile – all for your precious sleep comfort.


Explorer Hostel is:

We are sure that you will appreciate our rooms design which contain gizmos dedicated in each peace only to one invention. On the walls you will find a bit of gossips about the inventor and the invention – in three languages. Unique formula of our hostel makes your every visit an unusual experience. You will come back – for more cognition.

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Explorer Hostel

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